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Find southern hospitality in our family heritage and your forever home.

Clift Farm has been nurtured and tended to by four generations of the Clift family since 1850.
Jack and Lillian Clift have called Clift Farm home since 1946, pouring love into this farmland and the community of Madison, Alabama and Madison County. The Clift family has worked for decades to preserve Madison’s history and charm, and was instrumental in shaping the city into what it is today.

The History of Clift Farm

On September 5th, John Henry Clift is born in Wales, England.

John Henry begins purchasing land in Madison, Alabama after moving with his wife, Sallie Carothers.

John Henry purchases last piece of land in the Homeplace where he and his family farm cotton.

John Henry’s son, John Thomas Clift, inherits the Homeplace when he passes away on February 5th and continues to farm cotton and possibly corn.

John Thomas passes away and his children (Frank, Florence, Josephine Maude, and Thomas W. Clift) inherit the Homeplace.

Frank Clift passes away on June 6, 1958 and leaves his share to Jack Clift which he inherits on August 31, 1959.

Thomas W. Clift passes away in 1969 and leaves his share of the Homeplace to his wife, Lessie Balch.

Jack T. Clift goes to his mother Lessie to purchase the shares, which she agrees to after his sisters, Martha and Caroline, consented.

Josephine Maude sold portions of her share of the Homeplace to Jack T. Clift for years. When she passed away, on May 20, 1973, she left the remainder of her shares of the Homeplace to Jack T. Clift.

On November 12th, Jack Thomas Clift is awarded Alabama Century Farm.

Jack T. Clift and his family celebrate the groundbreaking of the Clift Farm development.

Jack T. Clift passes away on December 6, 2019.

  • An Aerial View
    of Clift Farm

    OCTOBER 2022

A new chapter of Clift Farm has begun in which new generations are coming together to live, make memories, and be a part of our lasting legacy.